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17 April 1977
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May 04, 2006-- Whoo-hoo! Figured out how to make things open in a new window (but, I do know how hard it can be to get some security features to allow a new window to be opened so I will continue to use both forms.)
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Now a word on myHQ.com: It's Free!!! It allows you to store bookmarks/links to your favorite sites/and decide if you want a to sign in so that the site is accessible for single-access (great for utilizing your favorites when on a friend's comp or one that's pay-for-time), a specific amount of time (great for timed-access computers found in schools, coffee shops and pay-for-access) or eternally signed in on that computer. It will pop-up fresh windows or allow you to access in that single window. You can set it to permanently do these things and there are NO banners, Ads, or even a place to send Paypal payments. (Seriously, I would pay that person! )

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--Viva http://www.LifePrint.com--
Do it for your babies so they can talk to your parents! Hey old age happens.


I often backdate many posts that have research mainly important to me to fill in gaps in time on my LJ and will often modify older entries to include more Eggs (AKA hidden links to encourage massive webhunts. *put them in a new browser window to look at later!*). I especially like messing with the entry that contains most of my random personal details:My Experimental Experiential Self. Go there if you want a better "Summary of me as an Individual". This journal is used as a forum and if I ever feel like having a frivolous blog... I will go find an appropriate site to join and let you know in links here and in the links list available on the sidebar of my LJ. I have a webpage I am trying to make look good already listed-- feel free to give me webpage/html advice on the ugly thing! I have made some pretty self-revealing postings in the past and am willing to let you hunt them up if you want to "know me" well. Most juicy posts get public after the emotions of the original incident are passed. Honestly, some things in my life are not important to tell a person that I have never met but, I am willing to press the edges of my comfort level for the sake of making a good friend who can be as honest with their personal self as I am capable of being with my public self. You might be surprised at what you learn about yourself simply by letting yourself be a true friend to someone who is interested in being a good friend.

To me THEE Internet = There are tons of interesting informative things to research on the web! I always have high expectations for myself and want to create a significant webportal to such items related to health, growth and spiritual healing. OKAY!~ & so very busted with a baby around am now once again hopelesxsly addicted to PETZ 5 ~ Once a gamer...

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"I see all life as a family. Where everyone is connected and everyone depends on everyone else."
~ Dar, The BeastMaster
Jean Anouilh - "What you get free costs too much."

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http://www.xogiving.org/ }} Starting November 12, One Laptop Per Child will be offering a Give 1 Get 1 Program for a brief window of time in North America. For $399, you will be purchasing two XO laptops—one that will be sent to empower a child to learn in a developing nation, and one that will be sent to your child at home. A limited number of solar-powered laptop computers will be available for purchase but programmers and developers interested in volunteer opportunities & some facinating programs to play with can start here to create a difference >> http://www.laptopfoundation.org/en/propose/#GrassrootsLearning


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OUTRIGHT GIFTS OF CASH Make checks payable to:
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On My Own Honor ~=~ I pledge to donate a hour of time to help the world save itself for every 3 meals and hour of schooling & babysitting I can afford for my own Children.


Some Usual "stuff about me":
I just finished my Psychology B.A. so have studied human biology, neuropsychology & indulged my interest in alternative medicine classes at the university level. My other main interests include Sci-Fi, Renaissance Faire, learning new skills without the use of electricity or investigating all the oddities of the world around us (without placing judgment & just allowing it to be present in the world). I am extremely interested in Oracle and Divination techniques as I know I have spent many life times in positions of holy and/or shamanic teaching & often have breakthrough memories. In this matter, I do not really discuss~ it is a flightingly brief sense of accuracy that comes & goes only with Ma'at-like rules of equality. All life is balance & I have struggled to balance myself all my life. Just like any gypsy, cross my palm with silver & find out what I see of your own future.. Still give me not gold for I value not the world of things.. I only wish to bring success to my clan & kinsmen. For I have Kith & I have Kin but it is a place of my own to stand and preach that I doth seek....
The voice within.

I adore cats and am simply miserable without one in my daily life... which might explain why I am obsessed with playing with yarns, threads and ribbon. So, I'm teaching myself how to crochet and want to learn macramé and finally masterknitting. I don't spend enough time on my craft projects as it is because the internet absorbs my interest if I'm not reading, watching the tele or trying finish my latest gift- I am web-hopping. I am not a massive talker of fiberarts here on my LJ but I know enough to teach other people to do crafts or to direct them to resources that allowed me to learn crafts I love... I have no problem teaching any of my craft interests in person & would love to start a therapeutic yarn-crafting group for people of any age. Yarn crafts are a great way of marking time & self-progress.
I began on my maternal Grandmother's crochet hooks. I'm thrilled with what I can do with crochet! I finally learned how to knit recently, have not finished any large projects. But, found all those years of reading how to fix mistakes in knitting trying figure out my mistakes in learning made me capable of fixing most knitter's oopsies... still crochet is a perfect metaphor for controlling your mistakes.... one stitch at a time, go forwards or backwards-- if you go farther forward carrying a flaw you will only have to go that much farther back to repair it.
I love working with my hands and any excuse to do so be it writing, reading or creating artsy things. I also enjoy machine sewing and making decorative silk ribbon embroidery pieces (but rarely have $, time or space for the projects & materials). I've done beading but, it's NOT my favorite material since they tend to try to escape me, magnetic beads really caught my eye as both a therapeutic & non-roll-away substitute. I also love the look of wire-wrapped jewelry but, not entirely confident in my ability to work on those kinds of materials. I was planning to work my way through graduate school with the Reconnection™. However, I want to decide which or if any grad school I feel would be able to teach me what I want to learn. Other than that: I'm "into" psi abilities, self-exploration learning- objective & subjective viewpoints, human growth- inner, mental & outer, mental /spiritual /metaphysical /physical trauma healing & continued exploration.
I also like to go to assorted conventions that relate to all my different interests. I love going to or wearing costumes for the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and am working towards a full regalia outfit of the proper era. I can often be found volunteering for a local alternative health, psychic interests or "New Age" seminars for the entrance fee. I love being helpful for new and up-coming individuals to make new contacts and meet people well-known in their related fields. Now, if I could make that into a career, I'd be thrilled!
& THE most difficult thing about me is trying to pronounce my name... Let me get that out there... It's Sir-rah (like the wine, petite Sirah... understand, I am not a lover of most wines nor short jokes.)

EDIT Jan. 2006:
I am trying to get in the habit of placing regular entries... At the least, I will post informational items about me from quiz and meme's since they are a fun & entertaining way to give insight & promote someone else's work that I do not feel like replicating. Hopefully, I will be able to bring information to light that will positively affect your life as well. I will try to keep memes/neggies!/quizzes to the first 15 days of a month and fill the rest of the month with actually informative rants and personal stuff if not articles that I think just rock. However, with a new baby I am not realistically able to live the same way I used too.. so forgive me for being a spotty LJ'er but baby comes first... er... DUH!
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****FUN Randomness:
When I believe in something &/or agree with it I promote the $@@@ out of it however I can. I personally hope to become the Complementary/ Alternative Health [Bad username: Zoë], wife & life partner to The incomparable theferret. Preferably, just getting the opportunity to become a great freelance/ work from home writer. I LOVE the concept of Web Connectivity and hope to make numerous friends who invite me to faraway lands to explore their favorite places, LOL!

You Are 60% Weird

You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?
But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!

"What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are small matters compared to what lies within us."--
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here are some writings that I agree with and can be seen as applicable to myself and my interactions with others: I most likely friend-ed or linked to the public webpage at the time I posted these.****
*alterations & additions will be surrounded with {{}}

What Makes You Qualified? / What credentials do you have that qualify you to speak on this health subject?
My usual answer is: Well, I did NOT go to medical school!

That may have some radio listeners, but it is the best and most truthful reason why I am qualified to give you these opinions. Next, I'm qualified because no one has even offered to pay me to do research according to THEIR plan. Any research I do is because I want to do it, not because someone is paying me to do it. Finally, you'll have to be the judge, but I think of myself has having a high degree of personal integrity. I report honestly the data I find. {S_F:I have spent a life-long battle with Ritalin/ADD/ADHD dx, and then other more toxic psychiatric "medicines." It became apparent to me at an early age that the medicine I was receiving did nothing to truly help my body work. Later, experiences in life with medicine after medicine that ended up giving me only side effects that were too severe to continue on the medicines proved to me that I must learn the healing of my own body or be poisoned by modern wealthcare. I am now combating the problems of being a small individual who can absorb airborne toxins simply by sitting on a road side or living in the LA smogbank. In many ways, this gives me a unique perspective and allows me to connect unexplainable details together. I do believe that the airborne toxins of LA have something to do with my Bipolar diagnosis.}
I love random things! When people say or do something randomly, it keeps me happy for many long hours. I'm odd, bizarro, and weird, but I also love my friends* and love to talk with them and help them out. I would do anything for my friends and am very loyal. I'm very in touch with my soul and love to paint and draw with pastels. {*Personally, I just as much love meeting new people and being a small voice of randomness for great people. You may hold my card now because I though you were a great person.}
I don't drink, so when I go out, I Don't go to bars* to drink and I don't smoke unless I'm on fire (which is usually followed by my screaming with my arms flailing wildly!). No, seriously, I don't mind hanging out with people that socially drink (people who don't drink to get hammered). *{{Personally, I also avoid any place that's likely to bust my eardrums... they are so sensitive & often I can't even shout without my ears setting up this painful rattling feedback. September 2005- May 2006, my pregnancy has lead me to become so smell sensitive that I will get actively sick sitting in a car with a smoker or being where I can get a whiff of cigarette smoke on the wind or my clothes.}}
My Sirah-created poetry of the Whirling Dervish:
Wherein I come to prove the existence of a driving force
that will direct you to madness when all else fails & yet
proves the unending interference of human structure on divine will and joy.
Having not stopped there, I will go on to bable and froth pronouncedly
unless I am dabbling in meaningless games.
So, thou go forth and preach the dance macabre or the Wayward Play;
the decisions to play doest always lie with you....
"The Bucket Quote"
Another image that I find helpful is one that the
Islamic mystic Rumi speaks of when he says:
"Be a full bucket,
Drawn up the dark way of a well,
Then lifted up
into the light."
Be a full bucket. Be an inanimate object, something that does not think, but simply is, that does its job, that bears us upwards, up the "dark way of a well", into the light.

Marriage is love.

"Nothing strengthens authority as much as silence." ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Free *ZEN* hugs!!! ("The hugs I would give if I could be there but I'm not sooo...") give Sirah_Fires more *HUGS* (From one of my favorite books: The Ship Who Searched by my 2 favorite authors)
Get hugs of your own- everybody deserves hugs!

Sometimes it is necessary
to reteach a thing its loveliness,
to put a hand on the brow of the flower,
and retell it in words and in touch,
it is lovely
until it flowers again from within,
of self-blessing....

-Galway Kinnell, from St. Francis and the Sow

"Fortune Cookie says: One who attempts can never be called weak.
I say; Remember, walking barefoot on eggshells hurts...
We all must wait for our wings to grow in & thank the colors that bless them
But, one can never learn to fly while the nest is still fouled." -- Sirah

There is a beautiful spider in my garden & I am absolutely certain it's a new kind of baby tarantula...
lots of orange, and fuzzy legs... & it kinda reminds me of me?!? Who put that in my secret garden????

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